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We can simplify that.

According to some estimates, we make roughly 35,000 decisions per day. Most are micro decisions we handle on the spot - pants or shorts? pizza or tacos? But for life's harder choices, we turn outward to knowledgeable family or friends that can guide us. And if that fails - hey, there's the internet.

At Decisionary, we aim to be both of those things: a digital support system of go-to brands, from trusted industry experts who have done the research. And just like your savvy friend, we'll tell it to you straight. It's why we are here - to help make decisions more clear, more simple, and right for you. After all, not every decision can be as easy as tacos.

We work hard to keep it simple.

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We believe in expert content.

Knowledge and advice that is relevant, straight-forward, and actionable.

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We build experiences we actually use.

Engaging UX on fast, flexible, world-class technology that makes sure it's on when you are.

Map pin on a path

We'll meet you where you are.

Focusing on major life choices to inspire confident decision-making today.

Standards you can trust.

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At Decisionary, we are committed to providing relevant, actionable content and recommendations with integrity. We obsess about how to describe complex topics in an easy to understand way and pore over the data to recommend the best products and services for your needs. When we present information, you can be confident that it has been checked and double-checked for accuracy through a rigorous editorial process that requires solid research and reporting.

First, we hire journalists and content teams to thoroughly explain each topic, giving you the baseline context you need. Then, we thoroughly evaluate each product and service and document our findings. We don’t believe in making decisions by sorting through thousands of user generated reviews or social media ‘expertise’ (and neither should you). This is why all the data you see in our reviews come straight from sources we trust: qualified, and relevant subject matter experts. 

While some clicks or purchases may help us earn revenue to support our sites, our content teams work entirely independent of that process. Above all else, we believe our strength is built out of quality and trust, so we recommend the same products and services to you that we would to our family, friends and neighbors.

Meet the Decisionaries.

We are here because we love helping people make smart decisions. We think we are pretty good at this decision thing. You want to know why? Look at the people we choose to work with. Writers, dreamers, planners, and builders all teamed together to create some of the most useful stuff on the internet.
Man writing on a whiteboard

Doug Llewellyn


Experienced leader who gives us the room to go out and be decisionary (within time and budget of course).

Doug Llewellyn headshot
  • Doug Llewellyn
  • CEO
  • LinkedIn icon

Doug understands what it takes to grow and lead companies. With over 20 years of experience ranging from CNET to more recently at Purch and, Doug understands that data is important but people are the real key to a strong business. When not in the office or the kitchen, he can be found on the ski slopes.

Decision Help: Always do your research, buy local when you can, and evangelize your favorite products (Peloton Rocks!)

Woman at a top of a mountain

Molly Baab


Skilled operator with an always-be-delivering product mindset and a need for speed.

Molly Baab headshot
  • Molly Baab
  • COO
  • LinkedIn icon

Molly Baab has led high-performing teams in companies large and small and marries a pragmatic worldview with focused execution. A great day includes chatting with a customer about a new idea, seeing metrics go up and to the right, and coaching a team member on a growth area.

Decision Help: No one is actually broke because of a daily coffee, but prioritize your indulgences carefully. Life is too short to drink bad beer or bad coffee.

Man drinking fancy coffee

Roy Hwang


Techie who is happiest when building but hopes someone else cleans up the mess left behind.

Roy Hwang headshot
  • Roy Hwang
  • CTO
  • LinkedIn icon

Roy Hwang is a hands-on engineering lead with data on the brain. He is easily distracted by an interesting idea and powered by coffee and team camaraderie. Other than friends and family, his two primary loves are sports and a well-designed, performant data system.

Decision Help: Only use pie charts if you have less than six things to plot and there is a clear story to tell. Bar charts are almost always better.

Man reading a book in a chair

Bill Gannon


Believes all great editorial things flow from deep reporting and short sentences.

Daisy Chan headshot
  • Bill Gannon
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • LinkedIn icon

Bill has held editorial and P&L leadership positions at public and private companies including Lucasfilm Ltd., Yahoo Inc., Time Inc., First Look Media and Future plc. A lifelong journalist, Bill believes reporting, accuracy and compelling story-telling helps us all make our best decisions.

Decision Help: Nothing will ever help you sleep better than knowing that you have done your best that day to keep your “house” in order.

Woman high-fiving a dog

Amy Connolly

Head of Product

Fearless product chief who keeps our stuff beautiful. She prefers you report any and all bugs directly to her inbox.

Amy Connolly headshot
  • Amy Connolly
  • Head of Product
  • LinkedIn iconEmail Icon

With a background in leading consumer growth products, Amy balances high-level strategy with on-the-ground execution. She’s a relentless problem solver and ideator, but her favorite part of the job? The thrill of refreshing A/B test results.

Decision Help: Ditch that dinner roll! The best accompaniment to fish chowder is a blueberry muffin. Try it.

Man staring intently at a computer

Daniel Lopata

Head of SEO

SEO guru who keeps our content useful and relevant. If we end up just creating TikTok videos - it's his fault.

Dan Lopata headshot
  • Daniel Lopata
  • Head of SEO
  • LinkedIn icon

A veteran of Investopedia and DotDash, Dan (or Daniel but definitely not Danny) lives to see high content quality translate into more and more satisfied users. He has a law degree but much prefers fishing and a new excel formula to a legal brief.

Decision Help: No daycare will be good enough for your kid so shoot for good enough. Make sure you visit and prioritize your gut more than user reviews on the web.

Woman eating cake

Daisy Chan

Lead Content Editor

Savvy editor on a mission to help people live happy, healthy lives. She asks all the tough questions so you don't have to.

Daisy Chan headshot
  • Daisy Chan
  • Lead Editor
  • LinkedIn icon

A seasoned writer and editor, Daisy has delivered clear, sound, usable advice on everything from 401(k)s and 529s to parenting strategies and healthy eating. Nothing makes her happier than to hear a story made a difference in someone’s life.

Decision Help: Repurposing things can save you money, and it’s good for the environment. For instance, jam jars can make great drinking glasses. Just remove the label and you’re good to go!

What makes us Decisionary.

We're great listeners.

The average human has an eight second attention span. We try to be better and it all starts with why we listen, not out of politeness but genuine curiosity to learn from and understand each other.

Resilience is a superpower.

We plan our work, we work our plan, and we adjust to the reality of each day. After all, work would be a pretty boring movie if everything went according to script.

We operate with careful urgency.

We are what happens when you blend expertise with a bias towards action. Life doesn't stand still so why walk when you can run?

We celebrate growth.

When our people grow, our business grows. But growing does not mean being mistake-free; it means always learning and trying better next time. So go ahead and try that thing -- we trust you.

Diversity is more than a buzzword.

Millions of people create stuff every day. What makes us any different? Hopefully you do. Diversity of thought and experience shared openly helps us stand out in a crowded world.

We take pride in what we do and how we do it.

We ask people to trust us with major life decisions - what an awesome responsibility! We work hard to earn that trust in everything we do, and we think it shows in our sites and our team.

Want in? Join our team.


Help us help people.

We are here to create best-in-class sites that help people make decisions and we plan on helping A LOT of people


Build new stuff.

We want to disrupt and lead, not to follow. Write new stories, break things, make us beautiful.


Smile at work.

Helping people make decisions is serious work but so too is having fun. We have people and a culture that makes it fun to log on in the morning. Promise!


Skills, skills, skills.

The robots have not won yet! We use real people to make and display our content. And the stronger you are, the stronger we are. So we try and make you super strong. For all our sakes.


Work wherever.

We like wearing sweatpants and a good Slack thread. Hooray for being a fully remote team! But if you want to travel to hang out with the team, build bonds, and create stuff together? Well you can do that too.


Keep it perky.

We got all the usual suspects - competitive comp, 401k matching, awesome insurance, yada, yada. We also have charitable matches, fitness reimbursement, home office stipends, and super fun team events in super fun places.

Get in touch.

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